Off Message, Pat O'Mahony's Media Podcast

Off Message podcast

Whelans - 18th November | €13

Trust Me, I'm A Journalist - The Off Message media podcast

Has the media lost our trust? If so, what can it do to regain it? More importantly, should we ever actually fully trust our media?

A quartet of the good and the great of Irish media discuss and debate with Off Message's Pat O'Mahony perhaps the most important issue of a business they would all see as vital to the well-being of society yet one which has long been in a state of turmoil, explaining why trust in the Fourth Estate is currently at an all time low, exploring the very real impacts this lack of trust in our media is having on everything from politics to climate change to vaccinations uptake, suggesting ways in which that trust might be restored, and arguing the toss about whether we should even trust the mainstream media in the first place.