Words to that Effect + Shedunnit

dublin podcast festival Words to that Effect + Shedunnit

The Podcast Studios – 15th November at 7PM | €15

A"Shedunnit is a storytelling podcast that unravels the mysteries behind classic detective stories by the likes of Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers. It’s written, hosted and produced by Caroline Crampton. The Observer called each episode 'a small but perfectly formed little gem' and the Irish Times says it is 'already essential listening for any dedicated mystery reader'.    

Words To That Effect explores the fiction that shapes popular culture. From the Victorian past to utopian futures, dinosaurs to detectives, zombies to mummies, how does literature shape our understanding of popular culture? Written, hosted and produced by Conor Reid, the show uncovers the intriguing places where fiction, history, science, and popular culture intersect and inspire.   

At this year's Dublin Podcast Festival, Caroline and Conor come together to present a joint tale of intrigue, murder, and mystery."